10 Things You Should Know July Edition

July 24, 2023
10-Things Bakery Confectionery Indulgence Seasonal

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1Pillsbury Banana Bread Batter

Pillsbury has now created banana bread batter that is sold in a tube. The ready-to-bake batter makes it easier than ever to make banana bread at home, with a fraction of the clean-up required. | Taste of Home 

2. Del Taco Independence Poppers

Del Taco brought back their line of Poppers drinks with seasonal red, white, and blue Independence Poppers containing popping strawberry boba pearls. The beverage line will help the company to donate money to America’s wounded warriors through the Gary Sinise Foundation. | Chew Boom

3. Cold Stone Barbie Ice Cream

With the new Barbie movie being released this month, Cold Stone Creamery is joining the trend of everything pink with a new ice cream and ice cream cake. The bright colored ice cream is cotton candy flavored with mixed in textures and “Dance Party” sprinkles. | Mashed 

4IHOP Pancake Tacos

IHOP has announced the release of their new taco pancakes, giving breakfast taco a whole new meaning. They are available in four different flavors, offering both sweet and savory options. | Today 

5Truly Hard Seltzer Zero Gravity Bar

Truly Hard Seltzer is taking their slogan “lightly fantastic” to the next level with the first-ever zero gravity drinking experience. Consumers can visit a microsite and explain how Truly makes them feel for a chance to win this opportunity. | Marketing Dive 

6. Alani Kimade

Kim Kardashian has partnered with Alani Nu to create their new Kimade. This drink is a take on pink lemonade and is said to be a combination of tart lemons and sweet strawberries. The beverage contains 200mg caffeine and zero sugar. | Alani Nu 

7. McDonald’s Grimace Shake

When McDonald’s introduced the limited-time Grimace shake for the character’s birthday, they had no idea that it would lead to a viral TikTok trend. People began creating videos of them trying the shake which combined absurd humor and terror into mini films. | The Takeout 

8. Beyond Stack Burger

Beyond Meat’s Stack Burger, which was introduced into foodservice in May, will soon be launched in the retail space. The 2.5-ounce patties can be cooked from frozen in just six minutes and are said to taste even more like beef burgers than before. | Food Dive 

9. Gluten Free Campbell’s Soup

Campbell’s Soup will now be offering gluten free options of their Cream of Mushroom and Cream of Chicken condensed soups. According to data reported by Campbell’s, nearly one in five Americans are avoiding gluten. | Food Dive 

10. Hostess Ding Dongs x Twinkies

Hostess is combining two of their classic snack brands in their new Ding Dongs x Twinkies mashup. The combination snack brings together the cake and filling of a Twinkie with the chocolate frosting of a Ding Dong. The snack will be a permanent addition to their line starting this month. | Food Dive 


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