10 Things You Should Know November Edition

November 28, 2023

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1. Bottled Iced Coffee
Coffee-mate, a brand known for their creamers, launched a new dairy-free beverage, bottled Iced Coffee. This new beverage offering comes in two different flavors, French Vanilla and Caramel. Both beverages are made with plant-based milk and they are described as sweet, creamy and smooth.. |Sporked 

2. Lasagna Soup
With winter approaching, TikTok has another trending food mashup that viewers are now trying, Lasagna Soup. This simple meal is made using one pot with all the ingredients of lasagna combined with broth and heavy cream and is described as “deconstructed lasagna”. | Real Simple

3. Chex Mix Remix
Chex Mix is releasing two new remix flavors inspired by late-night cravings: Cheesy Pizza and Zesty Taco. The Cheesy Pizza Remix has garlic and herb Chex, Pizza Crust Bagel Chips, Cheese Puffs, and Pizza Sauce Chex. The Zest Taco Remix includes Taco Seasoning Chex, Corn Shell Chips, Cheese Puffs, and Salsa Chex pieces. | SF & WB

4. Winter Themed Ice Cream
Van Leeuwen is celebrating the start of winter by launching new limited-edition ice cream flavors. Known for their wild and fun ice cream flavors, the brand is launching options in the following flavors: Peppermint Stick, Caramel Sticky Bun, Peanut Butter Fudge Pretzel, Kettle Corn, and Holiday Cookies & Cream. | Tasting Table

5. Camel Milk
While plant-based milk has been the popular alternative to cows’ milk in recent years, camel milk is growing in popularity as a functional ingredient. The rise in popularity is part due to the digestive benefits camel’s milk offers. It is high in antioxidants, Vitamin A and is said to be easier to digest than cows’ milk. | Food Dive 

6. Banza x Tabasco Pizza
Tabasco and Banza have teamed up and created frozen pizza, Banza x Tabasco “Hotter by the Bite”. This new product is sold exclusively online and uses two types of Tabasco on this pizza, red pepper sauce and scorpion sauce. | Food & Wine 

7. Arby’s Good Burger 2
In honor of the upcoming Good Burger 2 movie release, Arby’s will be serving a limited-time Good Burger 2 meal. This meal includes a deluxe wagyu steakhouse burger, crinkle-cut fries and finished with a strawberry shake. | People 

8. Doritos Silent
Doritos unveils a new snacking product for gamers, Doritos Silent. This new “world’s first” AI-augmented silent snack is powered by 'crunch cancelation' that cancels out the sound of crisp’ crunch targeted to gamers who are eating while gaming with others. The software can be downloaded on Doritos web page. | Food Bev Media 

9. Cinnamon Swizzle Sticks
Trader Joe’s launched a new sweet product in time for winter, Cinnamon Swizzle Sticks. This product consists of cinnamon sticks rolled in crunchy cinnamon rock sugar and is intended to be used as a stirring stick or festive garnish  on a warm winter beverage. | Trader Joe’s

10. Chocolate Frosted Donut Kit Kat
Kit Kat is releasing a new permanent flavor to their signature candy line this month, Chocolate Frosted Donut Kit Kat. This new addition is layered with doughnut-flavored crème topped with milk chocolate and crunchy wafers in the center. | All Recipes 


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