In the Mood for Michelada

November 2, 2023



One of the most popular beer-based cocktails in Mexico, the michelada has grown in popularity stateside due to a growing interest in Latin American food and flavors. Oh – and it’s just plain delicious! A thirst-quenching blend of beer, tart lime, and hot sauce, it goes down easy served in a tall, chilled glass with a salted rim.

With drinks from bourbon, wine, and creative cocktails showing up as flavors in food applications globally, “shaken” or “stirred” takes on a whole new meaning. We’re seeing this influence in everything from bourbon BBQ sauces and meats to tomato sauce with wine, and beer cheese. The hot and sour michelada is a perfect fit for this popular trend, especially in savory applications.

I came up with the idea for a michelada-inspired seasoning during the summer when I found nothing more refreshing and fulfilling than an ice-cold lager mixed with tomato juice, extra-savory flavor bombs, and a kick of lime and chilis. Somehow bursting with flavor yet extremely light in body and ABV, michelada is a beer cocktail that says, “I’m here for a good time AND a long time.”

Using McCormick Flavor Cap and TrueTaste®, (which offers access to niche flavors that are becoming more relevant in today’s culinary experience), I created a michelada seasoning with the following flavors:

  • Flavor Cap Lime flavor
  • Flavor Cap Tamarind flavor
  • Flavor Cap Tomato flavor Natural
  • TrueTaste® American Lager flavor


The result? You’re hit with salt and lime first, as you would with a rimmed glass, followed by the robust flavor of beer, lingering with chilis and a malty sweetness. Totally snackable, this Michelada seasoning dials up the flavor of nuts, crackers, and tortillas, and would make a flavorful add-in to mustard or BBQ sauce for an additional layer of complexity.


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