The Flavor Forecast 24th Edition

December 4, 2023


The Flavor Forecast 24th Edition, our annual report illuminating the latest trends shaping the way we cook, flavor, and eat is here! The following three themes highlight the tastes of tomorrow and inspire innovation opportunities.

  • Sour Power: From tamarind to coconut vinegar, acidic agents are stepping into the spotlight to open our senses, boost craveability, and even help “cook” without heat.
  • Thoughtfully Borrowed: Authenticity encompasses background, heritage, and experiences - with it comes a reinvention of regional-traditional cooking. Conscious cultural combinations are paying homage and respect to both roots and backgrounds – creating a celebration of flavor, experience, and cuisine.
  • Indulgence Redefined: A source of pleasure, ritual, and community, indulgence comes in all shapes and forms. From a crisp, light ceviche to an over-the-top breakfast poutine, it’s about how we treat ourselves through flavor, texture, and ingredients that make us happy. Two ways this trend comes to life are through newstalgic and food maximalism. Newstalgic: What’s old is new again, a re-introduction of childhood favorites with a gourmet twist. Food maximalism: By layering flavors and textures in creative, fun, and always thoughtful ways, you can experience flavor to the max.

Click for the Flavor Forecast 24th Edition recipes. 

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