10 Things You Should Know: June Edition

June 19, 2024

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1. Cicada Foods As cicadas reemerge in the US, restaurants and brands are getting creative and featuring the insects in their offerings from cicada infused Malort shots and other liquor to bacon wrapped cicadas and more. The insects are low in fat and high in protein and allegedly have a ‘nutty’ taste. | Daily Mail, WGN 9

2. Swicy Flavors One of the hottest trends in food, Swicy combines sweet and spicy flavors in both food and beverage products. As consumers are more open to spicy flavors, brands and product offerings from chips, popcorn, ice cream, alcohol, and more are jumping on the trend with unique combinations. | CNN 

3. Barebells Birthday Cake Protein Bar Barebells released its newest flavor, a Birthday Cake Protein Bar. The product is made without added sugar, offers 20 grams of protein, and features colorful sprinkles and silky white chocolate. The product can be purchased on their website and on TikTok shop as well as nationwide in retailers after the summer. | Food Industry Executive 

4. Goldfish Spicy Dill Pickle A combo of two trending tastes, tangy dill pickle and spicy red chili pepper, Goldfish Crackers released its new limited edition Spicy Dill Pickle crackers. The product launch was inspired by an overwhelming demand on social media for a pickle flavored cracker as well as continued consumer interest in heat. | Food Dive

5. TikTok’s Candy Salad Trending on TikTok, Candy Salad is made with an assortment of candy tossed together like a salad. The fun take on salad allows people to choose whatever candy they like to mix together. Whether it’s a sour, sweet or chocolatey route, this trend is gaining attention with 101k posts with the #candysalad on TikTok. | Delish

6. Kylie Jenner’s Sprinter Vodka Soda Kylie Jenner has entered the RTD Market with Sprinter Vodka Soda, a 100 calorie beverage that comes in grapefruit, peach, lime, and black-cherry flavors. The 8 can variety pack is sold for $25 available online from Total Wine, GoPuff, Kroger and Instacart. | Food Network

7. Cholula Frozen Burrito Bowls Cholula hot sauce is entering the frozen category for the first time with the launch of bowls aimed at busy consumers who want flavor and convenience. The bowls come in four varieties: Smoky Chipotle Chicken, Salsa Verde Chicken, Chili Lime Pork Carnitas and Smoky Chipotle Veggie. | Food Dive

8. Kit Kat Pink Lemonade Kit Kat’s limited-edition offering features crisp wafers wrapped in a pink lemonade flavored creme is said to deliver a refreshing taste experience with hints of strawberry. The brand says the “Pink Lemonade Flavored Bar delivers an immersive experience in every bite, reminiscent of a refreshing glass of pink lemonade as the weather heats up for summer fun.” | Food Dive

9. Van Leeuwen & Sabrina Carpenter Espresso Ice Cream Following the success of her hit song "Espresso," Van Leeuwen collaborated with Sabrina Carpenter to release an espresso-flavored ice cream at the end of June. The flavor is fitting for her hit song that was released April 11th. | People

10. Wendy’s Triple Berry Frosty This summer, Wendy’s fans can cool off with their newest Triple Berry Frosty which is said to be the “biggest and juiciest flavor to join Wendy’s iconic Frosty lineup yet.” The seasonal Frosty flavor combines three fruit flavors of the season – strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries. | Wendy’s


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