FONA Culture

Time and time again, visitors tell us that when they first walk through the doors, they feel it.

What do they feel? The culture of a workplace that wins when employees are able to thrive. A workplace that shares a sense of community over celebrations both big and little, that comes together when life events get tough. A workplace that dares to be different.

FONA’s culture is anchored by our seven core values. These values are clearly articulated and pervasive in all that we do. The force behind how we plan, how we hire, and the partnerships we build, FONA’s core values define FONA’s culture. It’s this culture that means we win and grow together.

Here’s a look at just a few reflections of FONA’s culture.

Employee Engagement

Every other year, FONA has third-party firm MRA (The Management Association) perform an audit of employee engagement (a measurement that is more important than satisfaction.) We do this not to congratulate ourselves on how happy employees are, but as a true check-in on how employees feel about FONA. Our results consistently outperform not only our industry, but American workplaces as a whole. Take a look in greater detail here.


Every month, the entire company comes together for at least two meals together: an employee breakfast, and an employee lunch (which often celebrates one of the many cultural heritages at FONA.) From Take Your Child to Work Day to the Family Picnic to Cinco de Mayo and Thanksgiving, fun is a crucial part of our culture.

Transparency and Openness

Each month, financials are shared with the entire company at an open-door breakfast meeting. Strategies are outlined. Customer targets are shared. At FONA, openness is a way that we focus. It’s the way we grow together.


Employee recognition programs at FONA are robust and essential. Whether it’s the hero cards at everyone’s desk (count the stickers!), the monthly peer recognitions or the annual “Academy Awards,” above-and-beyond performance and out-of-the-box thinking is acknowledged and rewarded generously.

Another reflection of our culture? Our employee education and development initiatives. Find more details in our benefits manual.

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