Seasonal Sweet Trends

April 9, 2024


Need Some Inspiration? Seasonal Sweet Trends


Boost your development cycle all year round with concepts designed for each season. To better understand the seasonal flavor desires of consumers, our Marketing and Insights Team conducted a nationwide survey with over 1000 respondents and the results are in!

Check Out Our Winter Trends!

Each winter holiday or social occasion is defined by a plethora of decadent food and drink items. These seasonal treats are loaded with buttery notes, sweet brown flavors and cozy warming spices.

Check Out Our Spring Trends!

As the days get longer and the earth comes alive with buds, blossoms, and greenery, there is an increased desire for fresh and bright flavors. Citrus and an array of berries appear to be the flavor frontrunners and truly are the harbingers of spring.

Check Out Our Summer Trends!

As the days get longer and the temperatures rise, it’s time to kick back and relax! Refreshing seasonal fruits and ice cream shopper flavors abound and truly are the launchpad for the summer season.

Check Out Our Fall Trends!

Change is in the air as we move from Indian summer to crisper fall temps! Classic flavors abound like apple and savory pumpkin with sweet browns like caramel and spice notes further defining the flavor landscape. Cozy on up as we take a deeper look into some traditional fall favorites!


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