Video: Bringing the Flavor Science Home to Your Family

May 5, 2020
By Katie Sudler, Community Education Director

I love eating, how about you?  I am amazed every time I put food in my mouth, because I understand how involved all of our senses are in the eating process.  Not to mention how many processes are taking place inside our body once we eat the food!  Science is so cool and the science of taste and smell is something we 'experiment' with every day, without even thinking about it!  Well, now is your chance to do a little experiment about the taste and smell.  Make sure to have a piece of candy or some sort of food on hand for the experiment below.

The first at-home experiment we’re sharing will be about the science of taste & smell. These are intended to be quick and easy videos and experiments you can share with your children, your students or just have a little fun with adult friends virtually!

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