Do you like to make things? Consider Manufacturing!

March 23, 2021

At FONA, we love making things! As a flavor company in the food and beverage industry, we make some of the most sought after flavors in some of the most popular foods you can buy at the grocery store.  Flavor adds personality to your food.  What's your favorite flavor?

Working in a job related to manufacturing is a lot of fun, and in the flavor industry, we get to taste and smell all the goodness that you get to eat in the products you bring into your home!

Here is a video that talks more about the careers in the food industry and how various college/training programs prepare people to work in the food & flavor industry.

Interested in a job related to manufacturing? You can learn more about jobs that are related to manufacturing by watching the videos made by actual employees below! Take a look at how they play a role in preparing, making and shipping flavors and how they work to make great tasting products to flavor food & beverages around the world.

  1. Customer Service Representative

  2. Purchasing

  3. Production Plan Scheduling

  4. Inventory Control

  5. Food Safety

  6. Employee Health & Safety

  7. Production Spray Dry Operator

  8. Master Craftsman (welding, electrical, plumbing & more)

  9. Maintenance Planner

  10. Maintenance Mechanic & Electrician

  11. Shipping & Logistics

Next time you take a bite of your favorite food, think about all the people who work behind the scenes to prepare, safely make & get food and beverages on the grocery store shelves. Enjoy all the flavor the world has to offer!

Want to learn more?

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