Globally Inspired Soup and Broth

January 11, 2023
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Globally Inspired Soup & Broth

These soups and broths are inspired by international recipes and flavor profiles for people looking for exciting flavors. As always, when it comes to cultural aspects, it is important to be mindful of being respectful and inclusive of authentic recipes, flavors, and histories.

Increased globalization has made global flavors more accessible to adventurous Americans interested in bold flavors and creative hybrids.

Due travel restrictions, consumers are taking the opportunity to experiment with global flavors in their kitchens.

Why it is interesting


Consumers’ interest in Asian cuisines, such as Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese, is increasing globally, and they are seeking bold and spicy flavors. With an increasing number of Asian-American grocery store chains, Americans are consuming more Asian food than ever. —Mordor Intelligence


Consumer interest in global flavors and new experiences has skyrocketed during lockdowns as they look for ways to escape the monotony of life at home—creating opportunities for manufacturers to push the flavor envelope or leverage “cultural tourism.” —Food Navigator USA


“According to a report by T. Hasegawa USA, Inc., Gen Z and Millennials had the most diverse palates and showed the strongest interest in international cuisines. Younger consumers were most interested in trying African and Korean dishes, along with Japanese, Indian, Latin American, and Middle Eastern cuisine.”

—Sam Danley, Bake Magazine


Asian Street Food

South-eastern Asian foods are popular and adaptations of classic soups for Americans can satisfy consumers’ desire for unique and foreign flavors and recipes that are authentic.

Paired with decadent spices, meats, and vegetables, these broths are rich, layered, and decadent. Sweet potato, beef pho, and Middle Eastern spiced foods, are all relaxed foods that create a warm sense of hominess. 



Culturally Remixed

Fusing traditional recipes with other recipes can create unique, but still familiar dishes. These dishes are attractive to consumers looking for  unexpected dining experiences.

A combination of jalapeño, curries, miso, and meats are mixed and matched creating a hybrid of traditional meals from Asian and Latin kitchens.



African-Inspired Soups

Inspired by decadently spiced traditional African dishes, these soups are bringing the tastes of Africa to Western consumers. Rich and full of flavor, they are packed with clean vegetables and health benefits.

African cuisines make use of a rich and vibrant assortment of spices like selim pepper, obe ata, and paradise pepper. These exciting soups are a mixture of dozens of spices carefully selected and mixed to create a fragrant and unforgettable superfood.


New Instant Noodles

Instant noodles are a staple in most American pantries due to their affordability. However, these noodles don’t compromise on quality, the health benefits consumers are looking for,  price. They are delicious, high-quality, and affordable.

As a hybrid of American and Asian flavor, they use flavor that Americans have come to love and adore like Thai Chili, Coconut Curry, and spicy Kimchi.



  • Consumers are growing increasingly adventurous with their food. They are willing to try new flavors and experiment with cultural hybrids.
  • Asian markets and foods are growing in interest in American markets. Brands can include South-eastern Asian flavors and recipes in their line-up, taking advantage of this increasing interest.
  • Cultural hybrids can be an appealing place for brands to innovate with flavor. Done with respect for culture, this can be fertile ground for brands to experiment with various cuisines and ingredients.


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