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Additional resources from the food and flavor industry. Take a look!

Flavor Chemistry

Peek into the world of flavor professionals! Here are some good places to start for an inside look at articles and organizations geared toward flavor chemists.

Food & Beverage Industry

Did you know there are specialized organizations for food industry professionals in areas like meat, dairy and even candy? There are also magazines dedicated to these specific areas. Here are just few:


To keep food safe for us to eat, food companies must follow strict laws and regulations monitored by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Flavor companies work with the Flavor Extract and Manufacturers Association. Explore their websites for information on food safety, food quality and the many programs they sponsor to keep consumers healthy and informed.


This branch of science plays a large role in the food, beverage and flavor industries, as people study how ingredients react together to provide consumers with the best-tasting product that meets their needs.


What do people think about this new flavor? What do consumers want to see on the shelves? If this product were on the shelves, would people buy it? These are all questions sensory professionals tackle through methods such as product tastings, consumer focus groups, surveys and statistics.

Marketing & Design

All businesses need to promote how they can help customers and some need to work directly with customers to help them gain ground in their particular area of expertise.


Sometimes venturing out and starting their own company is what interests people. It comes with a great deal of risk, but the rewards can be great, as well.

Student Organizations

There are a number of industry organizations that have student groups for young adults engaged in coursework in areas such as food science and chemistry. Students connect with other students, as well as industry professionals who share their interests. They can build skills and knowledge, apply for scholarships, and more!