10 Things You Should Know September Edition

September 25, 2023
10-Things Apple Bakery Dairy Dessert Fall

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1Smoky Flavors Rising

According to a Mintel study, 46% of consumers are looking for more smoky flavors on menus. The top smoky flavors with growth on menus are slow-smoked, smoked-onion, hickory, and hardwood-smoked. Top smoky ingredients that are growing on the US menu’s is ancho chili pepper, poblano sauce, and barbeque sauce. | Mintel  

2. Controversial Pineapple Pickle Pizza

DIGIORNO is launching an extremely debatable pizza, DIGIORNO Pineapple Pickle Pizza. This new pizza is made with creamy garlic sauce, mozzarella cheese and the two controversial toppings split down the middle, one-half dill pickles and one-half chunks of pineapple. | PR Newswire 

3. Maple Spam

Spam is releasing a new flavor to their signature product line that may be a new addition to consumer’s breakfast menu, Maple Spam. This new flavor is said have a sweet aroma, crisps up nicely when sauteed, and has a sweet maple-y punch of flavor. It is advertised to pair nicely with waffles, eggs, or fried on a breakfast sandwich. | All Recipes 

4Hidden Valley Ranch Chili Crunch

Hidden Valley Ranch is teaming up with celebrity chef Stephanie Izard’s brand This Little Goat to create a new trendy condiment, Ranch Chili Crunch. This new product is said to put a tangy American-twist on a spicy Asian-style condiment. | Sporked 

5Pancake Pop-Tarts

The Kellogg-owned brand, Pop-Tarts has its newest flavor innovation hitting the shelves, Frosted Chocolatey Chip Pancake Pop-Tarts. This new product is filled with real chocolate chips, glazed with maple flavored icing and topped with chocolate chip flakes. | Food Dive 

6. AI Generated Soda

Coca-Cola is launching a new beverage generated with the help of artificial intelligence, Coca-Cola Y3000. This limited-edition beverage was created by tapping into insights from humans and artificial intelligence and how people envision the future through emotions, colors, and flavors. | Food & Wine

7. Gordon Ramsay’s Frozen Meals

Gordon Ramsay, celebrity “MasterChef”, is entering the freezer aisle with a premium entree line, By Chef Ramsay. This new product line features 8 different dishes, a four-cheese macaroni bake, lasagna, and chicken pot pie just to name a few. By Chef Ramsay frozen meals will be sold exclusively at Walmart and is said to come in affordable prices. | Food Dive 

8. Teeny Tiny Apple Pies

Trader Joe’s released a new limited-time-only dessert, Teeny Tiny Apple Pies. These tiny pies are made with Northern Spy apples baked in a buttery crust, with cinnamon-spice and a brown sugar crumble on top. Each pack comes with 4 pies and is said to pair nicely with vanilla ice cream or caramel sauce. | Trader Joe’s 

9. Chickpea Waffles

Banza, known for their chickpea-based products, is entering the breakfast space with their latest launch, Chickpea Waffles. These chickpea, protein waffles are high in fiber, low in carbs and are available in three flavors: homestyle, blueberry, and chocolate chip. | Food Network 

10. Stranger Things Ice Cream

Just in time for spooky season, Walmart is rolling out seven new flavors of ‘Stranger Things’ Scoops Ahoy ice cream. Here are the new flavors that will be available: U.S.S. Butterscotch, Chocolate Pudding, Cinnamon Bun Bytes, Triple Decker Extravaganza, Mint Flare, Pineapple Upside Down, and The Void. | Mental Floss 


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